How sure are you with the safety of your properties? Are you worried what may be hidden in your newly acquired property? You do have the right to live in methamphetamine-free homes that is why we have purposely designed a service for you!

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  • A sample is taken from every room in the property using IANZ accredited lab testing kits.

  • Separate sampling is taken from any garaging and outdoor rooms.

  • Samples are sent to an IANZ accredited Laboratory for analysis.

  • Comprehensive reporting including recommendations and photographs



  • Quick response with testing completed to meet your time frames.

  • 48 hour turnaround upon lab receipt

  • Full report with laboratory results outlining any areas of concern sufficient for insurance and remediation companies.

  • Follow up guidance and unlimited support for any ongoing requirements.


Our Service covers…


Laboratory Composite testing determines any level of methamphetamine at a property and returns a true average of any presence. This method gives the most information while still being cost effective and provides us with a good understanding to advise you how best to proceed. Individual samples are taken from every room in the property and sent to the laboratory. Equal parts of each sample are then extracted and used to create a composite sample to be analysed. The analysis carried out by the Laboratory is very accurate and detects any presence of methamphetamine.



Similar to a lab composite, individual samples are taken from every room in the property. These are then sent to the laboratory and analysed individually to return an accurate level of methamphetamine in every room of the property. This method of testing is required where presence has been detected above safe levels and remediation is required. The decontamination company will require these results and will work from the report generated. While this method is considerably more expensive, your insurance company should cover this cost. Resultz will support you with this process and ensure that you get the results you need.



Why Choose Us?

Different options available to suit your needs and it’s important that you get the right testing for your requirements.  Send us an email or contact us to discuss your situation and get a tailored quote for your specific need.

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