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For HH3 and HH4 models please proceed here.

Alcolizer Technology Module Exchange Program for Alcolizer LE5, Druglizer LE5 and Centurion Models

Alcolizer Technology provides calibration services for the above via a patented Module Exchange Program.

Due to rapid expansion of this program during the Australian Standard AS3547:2019 upgrades Alcolizer Technology has undertaken an update of the Module Exchange Program.

New business systems have been developed to accommodate this growth and these have had some initial teething problems. However, Alcolizer Technology is now confident that these initial issues have been addressed.

Customers will now receive an automated email notification stating device serial numbers coming due for calibration. The initial notification will be sent at 28 days from expiry with a reminder at 14 days.

The automated email notification will provide options for the next step. Upon receipt of this email, you now have various options:

Go Online to quote and/or order

• Order module exchange for the serial numbers stated online at: for the
serial numbers stated, OR;

• Generate a quote online for module exchange at, and when you order your
module exchange online, you will receive a 5% discount in the shopping cart
by using the promotion code “service5”, OR;

• Send a purchase order to Alcolizer Technology sales or service for the
module exchange using the serial numbers stated

Contact us direct

• Contact our friendly service or sales department at to place an order or request a quote.

What to put on your Purchase Order – Essential information required

It is important that to ensure the timely despatch of your module/s the following information must accompany your order (either online or via phone/email):

• Serial numbers of all devices included in the purchase order (Main module and Sample module, however we will accept either/or);

• Instructions outlining either 6-month or 12-month calibration period;

• Contact name and phone number of the person who is responsible for the
module exchange process;

• Contact email address of the person who is responsible for the module
exchange process. This is the person who will be receiving the notifications;

• Delivery address where the exchange modules are to be sent.

If we do not receive this information on your purchase order, we will be unable to process your order and it will delay dispatch of your exchange module.

Delivery Instructions

Delivery address and contact details are very important so we know where to send the exchange module and whom to address it to.

If there are different delivery addresses or different ‘attention to’ people for each module then we will need a separate purchase order for each. This is to ensure that we send the correct exchange module to the right person for the correct Alcolizer or Druglizer device.

Instructions on what device to put the exchange module on will be included on the delivery docket accompanying your delivery.

The main module and sample module are listed on the delivery docket accompanying your delivery. The main module serial number is listed and the sample module to be put on that main module listed below it. See example below:

Standard delivery via our nominated courier is included in your module exchange price. If you require an alternative delivery method, please state this clearly on your purchase order, please note additional charges may apply for this delivery method change.

Returning your expired modules

Please return the expired modules to Alcolizer Technology using the included return post bag. Return address is on the bag but if this is unavailable the address for return is:

Alcolizer Technology
36 Mumford Place
Balcatta, WA 6021

Please note, modules must be returned within 2 weeks of expiry and/or receipt of your replacement modules. Failure to do this will result in notification of outstanding modules from Alcolizer Technology and follow up by a team member to seek return
of modules.

If modules are not returned within 6 weeks of expiry Alcolizer Technology will seek to recover the full replacement cost of the lost module and this may impact on the trading terms of your credit account. Please refer to Module Exchange Terms and Conditions that can be found on the Alcolizer Technology website.

Timely return of expired modules using the included, prepaid, return post bag will avoid this situation occurring.

We look forward to continuing to support you with an efficient module exchange program for your Alcolizer and Druglizer devices and thank you for your ongoing support, commitment, and patience.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Alcolizer Technology or your local sales representative.