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On-site Testing Services

If you want to minimise your input into your drug & alcohol testing program, we recommend using our on-site testing services.

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Testing is conducted using recently released electronic equipment to interpret drug test results.

Reduced Costs

“High-end” electronic equipment should not mean high cost drug testing services. Our competitive pricing will surprise you.

Greater accuracy through technology

Electronic equipment removes the need for drug testing personnel to interpret results by “seeing” far more than the human eye.

Our accredited drug testing technicians can attend your workplace as required to conduct professional testing services.

Other equipment available for our on-site testing services is shown below.

Saliva Drug Testing

Drager DrugCheck 3000 is a compact and quick drug test based on oral fluid specimens for easy and unambiguous drug detection on the spot. Using the disposable kit, people are tested for cocaine, opiates, amphetamine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, and cannabis simultaneously. Our on-site testing services can be provided using this device for a lower price point than the electronic equipment option.

Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug testing is conducted with either T-Cup or SureStep Urine Drug Test Cup. These are a tried and tested test device and are our preferred equipment for conducting urine testing services.

Alcohol Testing Equipment

Breath testing devices from Alcolizer Technology, the largest provider of Breath Testing devices to Australian Law enforcement, are our preference for alcohol testing conducted on-site. With fast recovery following positive test results and a user-friendly operation, it is a popular choice among our clients.

Alcohol breath testing is conducted with each drug test conducted.  You can also request alcohol only testing to be conducted when required, for a reduced rate.

We can take care of every component of your drug and alcohol testing needs, leaving you time to build your business.

If not, all the equipment above is available for purchase should you wish to set up your own drug & alcohol testing program “in-house”.

As part of our service we will provide support and advice as required to ensure your “do it yourself” testing program is a success.

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