Hair Follicle Drug Test Costs – The Game Changer

Hair follicle drug test costs in Australia are the highest of the three main methods for drugs of abuse testing. Industry spokespersons explain this on two fronts. ONE – Hair laboratory analysis for drugs includes process and additional steps which makes it more complex than similar testing for urine or saliva. TWO – The volumes[...]
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Marijuana and THC Levels in Saliva Over Time

Which questions arise following a “positive” drug test for Marijuana in the workplace? They may include “when was the drug last used?” and “does this mean my worker was ‘high’ at work”? Keep in mind that the presence of THC in the blood or saliva does not necessarily equal impairment of a person. From a[...]
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Six. Wait… Seven Things You Need to Know About the New and Updated Australian Standard AS3547:2019 Breath Alcohol Testing Devices.

First, here is number Seven (least important for some, perhaps most important for others) – Many Tasmanian workplaces using breath testing equipment are still not aware the 1997 Breath Alcohol Testing Devices Australian Standard was updated in 2019. A transitional period was included for manufacturers to adapt to the new requirements of AS3547:2019. Workplaces have[...]
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Oral Fluid Drug Testing – How Effective is Your Drug Test Kit Really?

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  • Date: Jan 25, 2021
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Employer objectives in workplace drug testing range from compliance “tick the box” through to eliminating or reducing drug & alcohol risk.  Those seeking to tick the box may choose lower cost products/services and carry out minimal testing volume.  They still achieve their goal. For Employers seeking to maximise the effectiveness of their drug testing program[...]
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