Hair Follicle Drug Test Costs – The Game Changer

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Hair Follicle Drug Test Costs – The Game Changer

Hair follicle drug test costs in Australia are the highest of the three main methods for drugs of abuse testing. Industry spokespersons explain this on two fronts.

ONE – Hair laboratory analysis for drugs includes process and additional steps which makes it more complex than similar testing for urine or saliva.

TWO – The volumes of hair drug testing anlaysis in Australia are much lower than urine and saliva.

In recent years we are seeing costs reduce for hair drug testing at the laboratory. This appears to be due to some growth in this segment of the market. It is also likely a result of market pressure.

In this environment of high laboratory costs, we can now introduce a total game changer for 2021.

Introducing instant Hair Drug Screening. Hair drug testing can now be included in the current range of drug testing products & services available to all customers.

How much cheaper is instant hair drug testing than laboratory testing? This will depend upon service provider & product pricing. Initial indications are that costs may be reduced by 70%-90%. Now that is newsworthy.

For the workplace, instant hair follicle drug testing is most suitable for pre-employment. Urine testing simply does not provide the history of drug use that hair does. Whilst urine has been the gold standard in past years, this was clearly due to a lack of alternatives. Hair pre-employment drug testing now ensures illicit drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine are also detected, beyond the three days provided by urine. How about a 90 day detection window?

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